We are deeply in love with Saint Petersburg and you will certainly love it too.      

Just imagine a cosy hotel with a tasty breakfast and a perfect view out of the window- Nevsky prospect or maybe the Fontanka. Our guide will meet you at the reception and will tell you the story of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will spend your day walking on the paved roads of Peter and Paul Fortress and listening to the bells song flying above the Neva River. Palace Square could be colored by sun rays or covered with the thickest fog ever, it will still be a perfect place to unite classic Hermitage interiors and contemporary art center at General Staff Building. You will see the purely Russian Church of the Savior on Blood and Saint Petersburg breathtaking panorama from the St. Isaac's colonnade. Don't forget about unique parks with golden fountains and white antique statues, brilliant architecture of tsar palaces and their famous decorations like the famous Amber chamber. An evening «must» is to go to the Mariinsky or Mickhailovsky theatre and to fall under the charm of a ballet or opera fairytale.

We will suggest a touristic program, make all the necessary things - like booking hotels in Saint Petersburg, inviting the best guides, organizing transportation and then we will check every detail thousands of times. Come to Saint Petersburg with your family or alone, with your close friends or with a big group of tourists - just visit this beautiful city and fall in love with it once and forever, - and we will think of the rest!


We are proud of our transportaion department, we really are.

Only the most experienced professionals work with us: attentive logistics managers and drivers, who do know the city inside out. Our company has its own fleet for individual and group tours. Our everyday job is to meet our guests at the airport or at the railway station to offer them chauffeur service in Saint Petersburg, to organise all the possible transfers in Saint Petersburg as well as in the Leningradsky region and what not.

We have built strong and lasting business relationships with the major transport companies of Saint Petersburg. This helps us to supply any event with the necessary means of transport. We clearly realize that the today's transportation services are not only about being punctual, they also include highly professional logistics, thoroughful dispatching and the ability to immediately solve all the unexpected problems. And that's what we do.


Do you remember you fears from the childhood? One of them was certainly about going to the concert hall and listening to the 4-hour classic concert with other exhausted children and parents. We assure you, such culture events stayed in the past, everything has changed by now.

We live and work in Saint Petersburg - the city without limits. We do our best to unite talanted people who create something very special, very particular. That's how we organize every project - festivals and education events in Russia and abroad, concerts, performances, workshops, lectures, magnificent balls and Gala dinners. We believe that every project deserves its own perfect team: producers, actors, musicians, dancers, painters, poets, writers, museum specialists, professors and academics. We are sure that our main goal is to provide the team with everything they need to create, as for the technical questions - a glass of water or stage equipment - that is our work


We can easily imagine business from Hollywood: everyone is serious, everyone wears black suits, everyone has a couple of billlions of dollars. But we clearly understand that today's business doesn't include only official suits, but also jeans at workshops, trainers at team-building programs and even hawaiian shirts on incentive tours.

We understand the importance of every event for your business and that's why we do our best on every stage of project-preparing: we create a concept, choose a perfect place, provide the participants with necessary equipment, control the logistics, invite the best speakers and pay attention to every detail - no matter if it is your badge design or coffe-break menu.

We are a team of highly-qualified professionals and we love our buisiness. It's been for 25 years already that we do everything we could to contribute to your business' developement.