History is always about people, time and context. Our story began on the 25th of August, 1988 when 4 friends - Vladimir, Grigoriy, Gennadiy and Igor - founded their first Bureau of Travels and Excursions. Excursions over the city quickly gained the attention of visitors from all the Soviet Union. Tourists were coming to Leningrad to visit the obligatory so-called «ideology museums» (for example, a famous Shalash the last V.I. Lenin's shelter in July-August of 1917), to take a glance at the unique Hermitage and Russian museum collections and, of course, to do the shopping. That is how it worked for some years.

And then came the dissolution of the Soviet Union, profound crisis and... an unexpected meeting with the Stroganoff Foundation representatives. The world «beau monde» gathered in Saint Petersburg - Princes and Princesses, Counts and Countesses, lords and ladies. Special events - conferences, meetings, official dinners and gorgeous balls were organized for them. World-famous people like G.Vishnevskaya and V. Rostropovitch turned to the services of our company. With its prior experience in dealing with the most important suppliers of hotel services, catering and transportation, Cosmos ltd continued to provide the highest level of service coupled with access to the most unique venues in Saint Petersburg. Cosmos ltd also became a member of SITE and ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), edited its own newspaper and actively supported charity activities.

This period was also marked by fruitful cooperation with new partners who consequently became the devoted friends of the company - The State Hermitage museum, The Russian museum, The State Peterhof Museum Reserve, Catherine Palace and The Tsarskoye Selo State Museum-Preserve, The State Pavlovsk Museum, The St Petersburg Academic Philarmonia, The St Petersburg State Conservatory, the best city hotels and venues. Moreover, the company got acquainted with the most brilliant and well-educated persons of the city - great singers and dancers, actors and producers, painters and writers, art critics and professors. Meanwhile Cosmos team was changing: Natalia came to the company. A little bit later she would get the position of CEO and would fearlessly work on the most complicated and ambitious projects.

Time flies and Cosmos opens up new horizons. Due to the importance of Saint Petersburg in the international arena the need for high-quality «exterior» projects starts to grow. Cosmos thoroughly examines the new sphere and organizes cultural projects and art festivals in Europe as well as in Commonwealth of Independent States: England, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Danemark, The Netherlands, Estonia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan.

Today new people and new events find their places on the pages of Cosmos history. We are proud of our past and eager to learn what happens next. And we are absolutely sure that dream team, friends, traditions and experience guarantee the success of all the future projects.



Vladimir Kozhevnikov

General Director

We love Vladimir as he is «beautiful in every way- in his face, in the way he dresses, in his thoughts, and in his innermost self», as Chekhov once wrote. Our clients love Vladimir as he opens up any door like a magician.


Natalia Tsvetkova


We love Natalia as she never forgets about our birthdays and is alway ready to actively support any project. Our clients love Natalia as her word is just enough to be sure in the success of the project.


Grigoriy Drabkin

Deputy General Director, Head of Reservation Department

We love Grigoriy as he has a fantastic library at home and always keeps calm. Our clients love Grigoriy because he always finds the most comfortable room in particulary no time.


Gennadiy Kharchenko

Deputy General Director, General Services and Administration.

We love Genndiy as a person of imposing appearance absolutely devoted to his job. Our clients love Gennadiy for his constant attention to the details.


Lena Pavlova

Reservation Department Manager

We love Lena because she gives sweets and is always ready to support. Our clients love Lena as she manages everything - a flight to Jamaica or an urgent room booking with the view on *insert your favourite point of interest*.


Maria Yakovleva

Project Manager

We love Maria as she is a fantastic story-teller with a unique sense of humour. Our clients love Maria as she makes it all possible: Hermitage at night, balloon flights and the best seats at Mariinsky theater.


Nina Rubanik


We love Nina as she knows how to cook everything and gives the most practical piece of advice ever. Our clients love Nina as she thoroughly explaines financial questions making them all clear.


Regina Sarsania


We love Regina as she immediately reacts to our requests and always gives us money. Our clients love Regina as they never have any issues with payments or financial documents.


Arthur Yaroslavtsev

Transport Department Manager

We love Arthur as he is always ready to help and finds the heart of each problem. Our clients love Arthur as he proves his reliability and professionalism in each project.